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Scaffold Node.js APIs quickly using Tode-CLI

Tode-CLI is a tool for scaffolding node.js APIs. It provides commands to automate the boring stuff – creating models, services, controllers, registering routes. Thus, speeding up your development time.

Tode-CLI comes with an elegant ORM, objection.js, built on top of the famous query builder, knex.js. This makes interacting with databases a breeze when working with projects created by tode-cli.

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Caching in NodeJS with Redis

Speed performance is critical in modern day applications. Most of the times your application may have to make requests to an endpoint/server to get some data. Or your application may frequently request a specific dataset.

Depending on the size of your dataset a long with other things like query database and network speed, the speed at which your application can fetch certain data to display to users may get slower over time (as data increases).

This is where caching comes in handy and can dramatically improve your application’s speed.

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JS call, bind, and apply methods

Each JavaScript function has access to the this keyword.
The this keyword references the object to which the function belongs (remember, everything in JS is an Object).

The value of the this keyword is determined by how/where the function was executed.

This means that if we are not careful we can lose the scope of what this is actually pointing to.

Luckily, all JavaScript function object has access to some very special methods which we can use to explicitly state what this should reference. These methods are bind(), call(), & apply().

In this article we take a refreshing look at the bind(), call(), & apply() methods.